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It is extremely difficult to successfully defend a criminal case without the help of a skilled attorney.  Attorney Rob Ruffner is a former prosecutor turned defense attorney, who can guide and protect you through the legal process.  One way our firm can help is by preparing you for what to expect.  Below, you can find links to information on topics in criminal law that will give you an idea of the possible consequences and handling of certain types of cases.


The information provided on this site is not intended to be legal advice.  Each person and case is different and the information provided herein may or may not apply to your case.


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• Assault

• BMV Hearings and Suspensions

Classes of Crimes: Felonies v. Misdemeanors

• Criminal Mischief

• Criminal Threatening

• Criminal Trespass

• Domestic Violence

• Drug Charges

• Federal Cases

• Habitual Offender Status


• Operating After Revocation (OAR)

• Operating After Suspension (OAS)

• Operating Under The Influence (OUI)

• Resisting Arrest

• Terrorizing

• Theft by Unauthorized Taking or Transfer

Trafficking, Possession and Furnishing of Scheduled Drugs

• Traffic Tickets